So, you don't want to die so much in Dawn of the Mexica? Here are a few tips & tricks for your first steps in the game.

Dawn of the Mexica is a very complex videogame. There are enough variables that the first steps may feel a little overwhelming. Hopefully, these tips will ease the learning curve.

 Mind your stamina.

Melee fighting consumes a lot of stamina. And almost every action does. Waiting (dot (.) key) recovers your stamina. You must learn to balance waiting and moving so that you don't run out of stamina. You don't want to end up too tired and surrounded by enemies!

  Explore the town.

You may find useful items in the town of Coatltitlán. There also might be a source of clean water, and corn fields.

  The 'Luck' stat is important.

Luck helps you in many ways. It directly impacts your survival chances, since it affects the gravity of critical hits you receive. You can find an initial item to boost it in Coatltitlán.

  Strike first.

Be the first to attack. Wait for your enemy if you have to... unless its so fast it can both move and attack you!

Every creature (you included) has a "Quickness" stat. A very fast character may spend less than one turn unit in walking one step. A very slow one may spend more than one turn unit. Each weapon has a specific attack time.

  Avoid fighting in the open.

Try to find choke points so you only receive damage from one enemy at the same time.

  Don't bleed to death.

You should always carry a few bandages. These can heal you and stop bleeding. Tourniquets are even better if you're bleeding too much. You can get more bandages by (t)earing apart clothing.

  Heal your muscle & bone damage.

Sometimes you will get permanent damage on specific parts of your body. Herb plasters, some Healer spells, and reconstruct potions will help you.

  Take your time. Consider your strategy.

This game is turn-based. Nothing is going to happen until you move.

  Light & darkness are important.

If you attack from the shadows, some creatures (like humans!) may have a hard time to locate you. Wielding an ocotl torch may turn you into an easy target for enemy archers.

  Some creatures can smell you.

A few animals have a sense of smell and can detect you even if its dark. Be mindful of the direction of the wind and its strength, since this may help or hinder their senses.

  Some creatures have infravision.

You may also obtain it with consumables like night shards, by shape-changing (nahualli class), or even wielding items like Tezcatlipoca's dagger.

  Fighting generates noise.

This may attract nearby creatures, so it is a good idea to bring individual enemies to known locations. Otherwise you may end up unexpectedly surrounded by enemies.

  Noise may also be your ally.

Since screaming will attract enemies, you could stalk and leap upon your pray.

  Keep your dog alive.

It may not be obvious in your first runs, but mexica legends tell that you need your loyal xoloizcuintle to cross the Apanohuaia river in Mictlán.

  You need to sleep.

If you are too tired, you may end up falling asleep spontaneously. Try to search for some bed to sleep as soon as you see the spent status. You don't want to fall asleep while fighting!

  There is more than meets the eye.

A crushing blow to a frozen part of a body may easily destroy it. An electrical attack to someone wet will become so much stronger. Too much heat may make you faint. There's several kinds of poisons and poison effects. You may counteract a strong wind by carrying more weight. Discover these things by yourself!

Dawn of the Mexica