Game information

Developer: Pablo BarrĂ³n

Date of release: 26th of November 2020

Development start date: November 2017

Supported platforms: Windows 64/32 bit and Linux

Steam webpage: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1456630

Contact information:

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Brief description

Dawn of the Mexica is a challenging roguelike videogame based on the myths from the indigenous people of the Valley of Mexico in the age of the Culhua-Mexica Empire and the invasion of the spanish conquistadors.

One fateful morning, the village of Cohuatltitlan dawns in total darkness. What happened to the Sun, Huitzilopochtli? Did the gods decide it is time to destroy the world again? Embark in a quest to find out that will get you through the Underworld of Mictlan and to Tenochtitlan, and save your people and the whole world from the fall of the Fifth Sun.


* Pure roguelike with procedural level generation (different every time you play!).

* Turn-based strategic action.

* Character permadeath.

* Colored dynamic lighting. Use your torches wisely!

* Extremely complex and realistic combat system. Every weapon and armor type combination is taken into account, and there's more than a thousand detailed critical effects.

* Every part of your body can be injured or broken. You will become blind if your eyes are hurt, you will become deaf if your ears get too much damage. You may become unable to eat if your mouth or neck receives too much damage, or unable to wield a weapon if your main arm or hand breaks.

* Your body parts may burn or become frozen.

* You may suffer different status effects like bleeding, stunned, knocked out, berserk, petrified...

* Complex character sheet with 9 stats, several different resistances, and more than 40 skills to choose from as you level up.

* 12 Character classes.

* More than a hundred spells.

* Friendly and intuitive interface. Complex doesn't mean hard to use.

* Weather/survival system. Clothing and items around the character change body temperature. Even a torch will affect this.

* Complex poison system with several types of poison (nervous, circulatory, respiratory,...).


The dawn that never came.mp3 Dawn of the Mexica - The dawn that never came [mp3]