Development update: 90% main content finished

2019-10-28 13:07:33

Content creation has come to a very advanced status; 18/20 levels have been completed and now it is time for the great city of Tenochtitlan. This might be the most difficult level to create, since it should combine both historical accuracy, roguelike random elements and an interesting layout for the player to enjoy.

The layout is based on the Uppsala Map from 1550, purportedly created by members from the Mexica nobility that were working under Francisco de Sahagún. Acknowledgement should also be given to Lily Díaz-Kammonen and the Helsinki Art and Design University MediaLab for the digitalization project.

As for the main roads and thus providing a basic order to the "randomness" of the city, we're also following the reconstruction from the austrian ethnologist Hanns J.Prem.

The player will come from Chapultepec (southwest from the island which holds Tenochtitlan), and may try to enter the city through the roads that bridge the Texcoco lake from either Chapultepec or the northern Tlacopan. This is coherent with the game in that the player really comes from Chapultepec, and it is also a nice way to involve the player into tracing a strategy to enter the city of Tenochtitlan through the smaller islands to the west.

The game takes place on winter 1519/spring 1520, once Motecuhzoma has been kidnapped. He is held in the Axayacatl palace and used like a puppet by the spanish conquistadors and their tlaxcalteca allies. The Greater Temple has been desecrated with figures of Christ and the Virgin Mary. However, this takes place before Hernán Cortés leaves Tenochtitlán leaving Pedro de Alvarado in command, which would massacre the mexica population in a religious festival and finally flee in the "Noche Triste".

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